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XM Review 2020

Is XM Good? Pros, Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

(Review XM 2020)

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We have to admit that XM is a highly developed broker. As you can see, XM will be in the top of all rankings, whether it is trustworthy, very low spread (especially the Ultra Low account), deposit rates, fast withdrawals, good support and the deposit/withdraws methods.

That makes us no wonder why many traders choose XM as the main broker for Forex trading.

Regarding the spread, XM has a new account called Ultra Low, with a very low spread (EURUSD is only 0.8 point) and a minimum deposit of only 50 USD.

















XM (XM Group), the 2nd broker in 2020

The strength of XM that stands out is deposit and withdrawal. Both in terms of very good deposit and withdrawal rates (almost no margin) without fees.

The most convenient method of depositing and withdrawals in Thailand at the moment, because it supports many banks such as Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Krung Si Bank, Krung Thai and TMB, which can be deposited via Internet banking either on mobile or PC while other brokers do not have.


There is a deposit system via QR Code that also supports many banks, pay in front of the bank counter, various payment points such as 7-11, which is very convenient .XM made the system very easy to use even though XM has alot of payment methods.


XM has been in business since 2009 and is now considered to be the world's leading broker. It operates over 120 countries worldwide.

  1. The outstanding promotion that makes XM so well-known is the "$ 30 No Deposit Bonus" in the first opening of the account .The terms of this bonus are very simple, it's really easy, and there are no hidden things ( more information in the Of the $ 30 bonus )

  2. XM claims that there is "No Requotes or Reject Orders" for sure.

  3. The trading platform is fully equipped, with both MT4 / MT5 available for use on PC, Mobile and Website. Trading products are also diverse, including currencies, gold, oil, global indices, stocks etc.

  4. Live Thai chat is available from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 18:00 (24 hours in English) ... The team has talked to XM and found that it is transparent with information. With customers This is the heart of Forex brokers because credibility is important in this industry.

Key features of XM Global Limited
  1. Leverage between 1: 1 - 888: 1

  2. Bonus without deposit for 30 coins. Profits can be withdrawn. (When trading 10 micro lots a little, I trade one full day)

  3. Deposit and withdraw through Thailand Bank, convenient and fast.

  4. There are Thai language pages and another 20 languages.

  5. There are various exciting promotional offers.

  6. There is a 24-hour online chat support Monday-Friday

  7. There are free online lessons. And free seminars, educated by master traders every month very often can be tracked on the main website

  8. Is a big broker with high stability, good reputation in Thailand

  9.  50% deposit bonus that can be used as margin.

  10. Deposit starts at 5 $

  11. Use any type of EA

  12. Never having a broken record in paying (very important that brokers can do it)

  13. There is development all the time.

  14. There is a free demo trading competition. The largest and never had a broker before. Reward 1 million dollars (just finished)

  15. To contact, call 092-9680699

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