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Rebate Steps

Steps for opening an account and receiving a rebate

Step 1: Contact us


  • Line or Facebook


Line ID : ibthai-rebate3


Facebook Page :


Step 2: Tell us which FOREX BROKER that you use.


  • Choose Forex Broker you want from the supported brokers

  • Or inform the broker you use


Step 3: Register/create a new trading account under our IB's link.

  • Register/create an account use our IB's link.


Step 4: Please inform us your trading account number.

  • When steps 1-3 finished. Please contact us and tell us with your MT4 trading account number to us

  • Our team will check your trading account with broker to make sure the MT4 trading account is under our IB's link to be 100% correct.


Step 5: Wait for account opening confirmation

  • After our team verified the account accuracy, We will notify you asap. Once it confirmed, you can start your trading and receive the daily automatic rebate without any restrictions.


* Have questions, please contact us.

  • If you still have questions, Please contact us in Line or Facebook.

Top IB partner for Forex Brokers

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